Boarding staff laughing with student

Roedean prides itself on having outstanding pastoral care.  The small size of each boarding house means that the girls very quickly develop a strong rapport with each other, as well as with the house staff, who are firm when they need to be, while always being available to talk to the girls when needed.  This might be at breakfast, or in the House Office in the evening, or over a piece of cake in the ODR after lessons, so there are plenty of opportunities for students to talk to a member of house staff.  Touching base at regular intervals every day means that the staff can quickly identify a girl who may be home-sick or struggling with a piece of work, and they can resolve any problems at an early stage.

The school ensures that the pupils are looked after in an extremely caring, safe environment.

ISI Inspection 2016

In addition to the staff who are available to girls, some find it easier to talk to people who are nearer their own age, and our team of Peer Listeners, made up of girls in the Sixth Form, is available every day of the week to listen and chat to any girls, either individually or in a small group.  These girls have been trained by the School Counsellor, and are very friendly, and ready with valuable advice for a variety of situations.

Old Dining Room, House 2

Health Centre

The all-round health and well-being of our students is of paramount importance to us.  We want the students to be happy and we want them to be healthy, with support, guidance, and advice on a whole range of medical related issues.  The nurses are available to the girls if they just want to see a friendly face and some reassurance, as well as for support with more serious issues.


The Health Centre is located above the Old Reference Library, conveniently close to the houses and teaching areas, with beautiful views out to the sea.  The Health Centre is available to all pupils, both day and boarding, and staffed by highly-qualified registered nurses. 


We offer 24-hour care and are open from 7.30am to 7.30pm, with a nurse on call when the Health Centre is closed.  There are seven beds for pupils who are unwell.  We have visiting Doctors from the local surgery who cover two surgeries in the school on Mondays and Thursdays.  Outside of these surgery times, the girls may attend the surgery if they are unwell and need to see the Doctor on that day.  The girls also have access to the School Counsellor, via the Health Centre, should they need this.