The girls have an exemplary attitude towards learning.

ISI Inspection 2016

Students walking through front door

Academic curiosity, independence, and self-confidence are developed through dynamic and engaging learning and teaching. When you join Roedean, we will encourage you to develop originality and creativity, both in your character and in your thinking.

Passing exams and assimilating knowledge is important, but you will come to appreciate that it is more valuable to learn to think deeply, critically, and spontaneously, and to challenge and question what you learn.


Academic Passions

To complement your learning within the classroom, you will have wide-ranging academic opportunities outside of it, which are of great benefit to your studies and ensure that you will have a breadth and depth of understanding which goes far beyond the confines of the classroom. 

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. 

WB Yeats

At Roedean, you will be taught be specialists, who are both talented and dedicated, but, most importantly, absolutely passionate about their subjects – this passion is infectious.

Students working

Teachers know their pupils extremely well, and the atmosphere in class is one of enthusiasm with a strong collaborative desire to learn.

ISI Inspection 2016

Lessons are purposeful, yet relaxed, and strong professional relationships between teachers and students mean that your learning will be productive and paced to your needs. 


An Academic Springboard

The girls achieve excellent results in public examinations, and we are extremely proud that the majority leave the school to study at top universities, primarily in the UK, but universities in Europe and America are increasingly popular.

Learning is not just something which happens at school or university, and we hope that you will continue to use the skills you develop at Roedean throughout your life.

At Roedean, we expect you to be aspirational and push yourself – with the right encouragement and confidence in your own abilities, you will leave the school believing that you can do anything.

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