Roedean Day 2017


Roedean Day 2017, held on Saturday 24th June,  was a huge success with a record number of OR visitors. To read ORA Chairman Ginny Stephen's report of the day please click below:

Roedean Day 2017 Review

To read ORA Chairman, Ginny Stephen's, welcome speech from Roedean Day please click below:

Chairman's Welcome Speech


The Aims of the Old Roedeanians’ Association (the ORA):


-     To keep alive the spirit imbued by the Founders of the School.

-     To uphold the reputation of the School.

-     To provide support and assistance to the School.

-     To provide a link between Old Roedeanians and the School and each other.

-     To support the Old Roedeanians' Scholarship Fund.

-     To sustain ORs' interest in the School and in the Old Roedeanians’ Association by:

            -  Maintaining a list of ORA members and their addresses and other appropriate details.

            -  Holding reunions and social events.


The ORA is a member of the AROPS (Association for Alumni Societies)


Committee Communications:


To view Chairman, Ginny Stephen's, report from the recent AROPS conference, please click on the link below:

AROPS Conference Report


The agenda for the last ORA Committee meeting is avaible to be viewed below. The minutes will uploaded soon.

Committee Meeting Agenda


The Minutes of the 2017 ORA AGM are available to be viewed here:

ORA AGM 2017 Minutes


The ORA Committee comprises the following:

Ginny Stephen, Chairman
Erica Faircloth, Treasurer
Lois Johnson, Membership Secretary
Mary Henderson
Robyn Crabbe
Gillie Smellie, Editor of the OR Magazine
Louise Cotton, Channel Island Representative

Harriet Scott (co-opted)
Emily Pluthero (co-opted)


The OR Scholarship Fund Trustees are ex-officio members:

Emma Smellie
Carola Hickling
Wendy Challen


Membership of the ORA:


Membership of the Old Roedeanians' Association is open to any girl who has been a pupil at Roedean for at least two years. The lifetime subscription is paid in the last year's fees when a student leaves the school if they are eligible.

Long serving members of teaching or administrative staff, or members of Council, may also be invited to become Honorary Members.

A database of members’ details is jointly maintained by the ORA and Roedean School.


The OR Magazine


For a glossy look back at the activites of the year and to keep in touch with ORA news including successes, graduations, engagements, marriages, births and reunions.  You can email your contributions to the ORA magazine editors at


The 2016 issue of the ORA Magazine is now published. Those who have subscribed will have received them in the post, if you haven't received a copy and wish to please contact the ORA Membership Secretary, Lois Johnson.


2016 Issue Announcement


Subscribing to the annual magazine

To subscribe or renew your magazine subscription, please place your order on the Roedean Community Network via PayPal.

Subscribe here

If you prefer to send a cheque, please contact Lois Johnson, ORA Membership Secretary for an order form. 


Important Notice:


ORA Facebook is pleased to say that the Alumnae Office has now joined the ORA Facebook page. They are a Moderator, together with Ginny Stephen and Lois Johnson. Lois is also the Administrator. Please note the rules for posting on Facebook.

If there are any problems on Facebook, please contact one of the following: