Roedean School regrets to announce the following deaths.


Vivien Allen (Hallett, No. 2, 1937-43) - Old Roedeanian

Carolyn Adlington (Cawdry, No. 4, 1948-52) - Old Roedeanian

Elynor Gilbert (Wallace, No. 4, 1945-47) - Old Roedeanian

Mary Lane (Barratt, No. 4, 1948-54) - Old Roedeanian

Chen-Ling Purcell (Wong, No. 4, 1971-77) - Old Roedeanian

Lady Anne Reynolds (Johnson, No. 3, 1938-47) - Old Roedeanian

Michael Rice - Friend of Roedean

Ken Thomson - Staff

Margaret Wainwright - Former Staff

Rosemary Watt (No. 3, 1946-49) - Old Roedeanian

Gillian Wynn Green (Wade, No. 3, 1956-61) - Old Roedeanian

Margaret Lewis (Highwood, No. 3, 1945-52) - Old Roedeanian

Bidi Evans (Wild, No. 3, 1938-48) - Old Roedeanian

Eileen Bushell (Bradshaw, No.4, 1926-31) - Old Roedeanian

Caroline Heyworth (No. 3, 1969-74) - Old Roedeanian

Wendy Sharrock (Heaney, No. 1, 1977-82) - Old Roedeanian

Anthea Robson (Yates-Watson, No. 1, 1961-66) - Old Roedeanian

Florence Dobbie (Dickie, No. 2, 1928-30) - Old Roedeanian

Valentine McHardy (Dewar, No. 3 1955-61) - Old Roedeanian

Hazel Waugh (Champness, No. 4 1939-45) - Old Roedeanian

Catherine Erskine (McLelland, No. 1 1940-44) - Old Roedeanian


Friends and family are invited to publish announcements on this page.  If you wish to submit a full obituary for a future edition of The Roedeanian, please contact Mark Taylor.  Obituaries are submitted by Old Roedeanians and friends of the School and will remain on the website until they have been remembered at the annual Founders and Commemoration Day Service.  Below is a copy of the Order of Service from the service in September 2016.

Order of Service


The school is not responsible for the content of the announcements and cannot guarantee that all deaths will be recorded on this page.