The girls are encouraged to take responsibility and to act as role-models to others with the school community.  This is true for girls at all levels in the school, and we expect the girls to be proactive in ensuring that Roedean is a happy and supportive environment, and to step in if they feel that it is necessary.


Throughout the school, each tutor-group has form and charity representatives, who have a role to play on School Council and whenever there are charity events or home-clothes days taking place.  This means that girls from the youngest to the oldest have a voice and a part to play in the day-to-day running of the school.


The Prefect Body

Head girl and her two deputies

The Prefect team consists of eight Senior Prefects, who are supported by thriteen Prefects, all from Year 13.  They are elected by a combination of votes from every girl in the school and those from members of staff; the Senior Prefects are then interviewed by the Headmaster and Senior Team, before the Head Girl and two Deputy Head Girls are appointed.  The body of Senior Prefects runs the School Council and acts as the conduit between the senior staff and the students.


Each year, the Prefect body receives training from an external provider, as well as guidance and support from senior staff, and the Head Girl and her two Deputies take part in the annual Wellington College residential conference.

Head Girl Team
Head Girl Bella Deputy Head Girl Tasha Deputy Head Girl Maya
Senior Prefects
Senior Pastoral Prefect Lili Senior Academic Prefect Consuella Events Prefect Miranda
Charity Prefect Eunice Co-Curricular Prefect Honor Games Captain Amelia
Academic Prefect Ella Academic Prefect Phoebe Academic Prefect Yousra
Academic Prefect Georgina Academic Prefect Harriet Academic Prefect Alex
Academic Prefect Tara Academic Prefect Natalie Pastoral - Sixth Form Grace
Pastoral - Key Stage 4 Nicole Pastoral - Key Stage 3 Jenna Library Prefect Natasha


Leadership Roles

In addition to this, girls in Year 12 have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within Houses 1-4, in which they are the most senior students, allowing them to hone their leadership skills on a smaller scale.  Each house has a Head of House, and two Deputies, mirroring the leadership positions in the school.


The girls also lead House competitions, such as inter-house sporting competitions, and House Plays, House Dance, and House Music, which they direct, choreograph, and rehearse themselves.


Some of the senior girls choose to be peer listeners, for which they receive targeted training, and they are accessible to support anyone in school who wants to talk to a friendly face.  Not only does this help others, but it also develops important skills in the listener, such as discretion, patience, and compassion.