ISI Inspection 2016

Roedean is excellent in every area – so say the findings of the ISI Inspection


The ISI Inspection in March this year judged Roedean to be excellent in every area.  The ‘girls have an exemplary attitude towards learning’, along with ‘high levels of success in the many extra-curricular activities’, and ‘excellent standards of personal development’.  The school is delighted that its remarkable provision in terms of teaching, facilities, pastoral care, boarding, and co-curricular opportunities has been recognised in this way. 


Roedean has long been known for providing an outstanding education in a unique setting, and the founding Lawrence sisters would be proud that their vision of a school producing confident, independent, and talented young women is very much in evidence today.  The Headmaster, Oliver Blond, was recently given an award in an education magazine for turning the school around, following exceptional levels of growth in the numbers of local and UK pupils, and a dramatic leap of 67 places up the league-table rankings in the light of last year’s public examination results.  Roedean’s resurgence continues with the highest of accolades from the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, highlighting the fact that the school provides a fantastic all-round education for it students.


The seven highly experienced and respected Inspectors who spent four days at the school, evaluating every aspect in careful detail and speaking with representatives from every area of the school community, were hugely impressed with everything they saw.  They remarked on the girls’ exemplary attitude towards learning, which, combined with excellent teaching, allows them to achieve excellent results in public examinations:  ‘teaching is excellent’ and ‘pupils display excellent levels of knowledge, understanding and skill in their academic studies’.  Beyond the academic, the girls are also highly successful in the many co-curricular activities available to them:  ‘the school provides a range of excellent facilities and resources which enhance the educational experience’ and ‘the contribution of extra-curricular opportunities strongly supports pupils’ excellent achievements’.  Roedean’s commitment to its holistic vision of education is clear to see:  the girls are becoming intimidating adversaries in sport, they achieve very highly in the Performing Arts, and they feel strongly about charity fund-raising and are keen to be involved in community action work, as well as being supported as much as possible to realise their full academic potential.


Roedean is a dynamic school, where the girls are happy, confident, and flourishing – ‘pupils have outstanding levels of creativity’, they ‘feel happy and safe at school’, and display ‘high levels of self-esteem and mutual respect for each other’.  Whether the girls are boarders or day-girls, relationships are often central to a thriving boarding school, and the Inspectors found at Roedean that ‘pupils are very supportive of each other and develop strong bonds of friendship’; it is a school where the ‘staff express their pride in their pupils’ and ‘know their pupils extremely well’, and where the ‘outstanding integration between pupils of different nationalities and between day and boarding pupils results in mutual respect’.


This is a very exciting time at Roedean, when ‘excellent leadership has supported a period of rapid change and significant progress based on a clear vision for the future’.  It is a unique school, which is committed to giving every girl the space to grow up at her own pace, and to provide her with every opportunity for success and personal development.  The Inspectors felt that the school is highly successful in achieving its aims.  The Headmaster is delighted with the outcome of the Inspection:  ‘I am very pleased indeed that the outstanding work which goes on every day at Roedean was also very clearly in evidence when the Inspection took place.  The positive and vibrant atmosphere of the school was clear to the Inspectors, and its effect on the girls is palpable.  Girls at Roedean develop all the skills they need to be confident and successful women in later life and make their mark in the world; the school is laying the solid foundations on which they will build their futures.’

Find the full report here: Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) report, and our abridged version here: