Students after Race for Life

An All-embracing Approach

Roedean provides girls with an all-embracing education which goes far beyond excellent academic results, and they flourish in an environment which is challenging and supportive.  Not every girl can achieve success on a national level, but every single one is valued as an individual and given the opportunities to develop her talents, and perhaps even discover some that she did not know she had.  “Girls all - unconsciously - smile when asked about life at school.  Endorsement doesn’t come much more authentic.” (Good Schools’ Guide 2014).

The contribution of the curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities strongly supports pupils’ excellent achievements.

ISI Inspection 2016

Preparation for life

We know that producing students with a string of A* grades but no experiences or interpersonal skills is doing them a disservice.  We believe strongly that a holistic approach to education is the best preparation for later life, giving our girls the skills of independence to manage their lives and studies at university, the communication tools necessary to play an active role in society, and the resilience to make their way in our increasingly competitive world.

Students in coding club

A star outside the classroom is often an A* within it

We know that girls who are happy in their environment will be successful in a variety of different spheres of school life, and we are justly proud that visitors to the school all comment on the happy and purposeful nature of the girls they see.  At Roedean, the girls achieve exceptionally high results in public examinations, but the school is certainly not driven by the pursuit of top grades.  The wide range of co-curricular activities on offer at Roedean complement the girls’ academic work, and successes in one area often build the confidence to be successful in another. 

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

WB Yeats

At Roedean, the girls are taught by passionate and dynamic teachers who do not simply provide information for the girls to learn, but rather make them think and challenge what they hear and read, helping to produce young women with multi-faceted interests and skills who are curious, confident, and open to new ideas.  Roedean focuses on kindling every girl’s passions, giving her the space to cherish the excitement, freedom, and wonder which comes with youth.

A place that allows unforced blossoming amongst kindred spirits. ‘Whether you’re a singer, guitar player or sports player, it’s very good to have social identity around the stuff you’re interested in,’ says mother.

Good Schools’ Guide 2014