Girls all - unconsciously - smile when asked about life at school. Endorsement doesn't come much more authentic.

Good Schools’ Guide 2014 

Students after Race for Life

The Roedean package is much more than just work. Our all-embracing education goes far beyond excellent academic results, and you will flourish in an environment which is challenging and supportive. You may not achieve success on a national level, but you will always be valued as an individual and given the opportunities to develop your talents, and perhaps even discover ones that you did not know you had!

The contribution of the curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities strongly supports pupils’ excellent achievements.

ISI Inspection 2016

A star outside the classroom is often an A* within it

We know that if you are happy in your environment, you will be successful in a variety of different spheres of school life. The wide range of co-curricular activities on offer at school will complement your academic work, and successes in one area often build confidence to be successful in another. At Roedean, we focus on kindling every girl’s passions, giving you the space to cherish the excitement, freedom, and wonder which comes with finding out about the world around you.