In 1920, a Company called Roedean School, Limited, was formed to own the School, be responsible for its liabilities and to control, through its Council, the general policy of the School.

Members of the Company were called Governors (a unique use of this term in English schools).


The Royal Charter

In December 1938, King George VI awarded Roedean the Royal Charter.

Writing at the time, Sir Paul Lawrence (brother of the founders) said, “The grant of a Royal Charter to a Public School proclaims to the world that it is a first-rate school in every respect. It behoves everyone interested in its success to redouble his or her effort to keep up its high tradition and good name and make it more successful than ever.”

A Corporation replaced the original 1920 Company when the Charter was awarded, and this now controls the School through a Council of Trustees. The role of Governors, like many aspects of the constitution, remained unchanged in the transition.

All Governors, as defined in the Charter, are either Old Roedeanians or members of Council. In fact, members of Council are effectively governors of Roedean in the traditional sense.  

The current President of Governors is Lady Patten of Barnes, and her Vice-Presidents are Dr Jean Peacey and Mrs Sheila Fowler-Watt. The Governors have an AGM each year, usually held in London.

Royal Charter and Bye-Laws


Governors' AGM 2017

Further to the Annual General Meeting held at the Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin Street, London SW1X 7DR on Monday 13th March 2017, where a total of 50 Governors attended and 64 proxies were appointed, it is confirmed that the following were elected to Council, each by a unanimous show of hands:

Katherine Cowell

Andrew Pianca


A copy of the Annual Report and Accounts is available here:

Annual Report 2016


Governors' Forum February 2017


All those who attended the Governors' Forum on Thursday 9th February at the Sloane Club heard excellent news.

In the very competitive and challenging independent school market, the school is doing extremely well - pupil numbers are up, the finances are strong, and exam results are at an all-time high. Exciting developments are either completed or in the pipeline, such as an all-weather pitch, and the refurbishment of Keswick House. The building maintenance programme too is well up to speed.

The meeting was chaired by Anne Whitaker, Chairman of Roedean Council. Oliver Blond, Headmaster, and Mark Taylor, Director of Alumnae Relations and Development, both gave presentations, while the forum of Governors was invited to tackle thorny questions, such as How do we Build on our Success, and What Comes Next?

These Forums are a great success and involve the Governors with the School far more than used to be the case. We really appreciate that.

Ginny Stephen, Chairman, ORA.


The next Governors Forum will be on Friday 16th June at 5.30 pm at Roedean. After the forum there will be an oppurtunity to watch the school performance of Annie in the Theatre. If you would like to book tickets for this please click here.

Correspondence from Council

A copy of letters sent to Governors and supporting documentation can be read below.


Governors' Forum, November 2017, Presentation

Roedean Group of Schools FAQs

Letter from Chair of Council 23.11.16

Council Q&A

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