These are the termly fees for the academic year 2017-18.  At Year 7 in particular, we believe that this exciting fee structure will allow access to the school for a wider range of students than has previously been the case.


Day fees

Flexi Boarding

(3 days per week)

Weekly Boarding

(5 days per week)

Full Boarding

Year 7





Year 8





Year 9





Year 10-13





One-Year GCSE Programme





  • All fees include text books and appropriate stationery up to GCSE level.
  • A further charge of £890 per term is applicable for the Language Pathway Course.
  • An additional fee of £1,340 per term is made in respect of boarders entering the Sixth Form directly.

Registration Fee:

  • £150 is payable with the application, and is non-refundable.

Acceptance Deposit:

  • For UK-based parents, a deposit (Acceptance Deposit) of half a term’s fee is paid to accept the offer at Roedean.
  • For parents living or working outside the UK, a further deposit of half a term’s fees is also required.

Unless stated otherwise, all deposits are refunded without interest after the pupil has left the School and after all fees and ‘extras’ have been settled.  If the pupil does not take up the accepted place, the deposit is non-refundable.


Charges for Extra Subjects and Activities:

Details of subjects/activities offered for 2017/18 are available here. Written permission of the parent or guardian is required before a pupil can be accepted for tuition in an extra subject/activity.

Since payment has to be made to the teachers concerned, subjects or activities may only be terminated at the end of the term, for which half of one term’s notice in writing is required.  If a subject or activity is discontinued during a term, the whole of that term’s charge will be payable. Where pupils require private academic coaching, this is a matter for a separate written contract between the parents and the School.