Students enjoying teatime doughnuts

Our girls’ families might live many time zones away, or they might have grown up just around the corner.  Many girls at Roedean come to school each day (82% of KS3 are day girls), and they join others who board here, either as full boarders, or weekly or flexi-boarders.

Pupils are very supportive of each other and develop strong bonds of friendship.

ISI Inspection 2016

Many day girls stay in school until 6pm or later, so that they can take a full and active part in all of the wonderful co-curricular activities on offer, such as music rehearsals, clubs, or sports training sessions.  School buses on 10 routes collect girls in the mornings and return them home again at the end of the day, leaving school at 6pm.  Four of the routes operate in and around Brighton, Hove, and Portslade, and the remaining six go much farther afield.

Roedean life is no different whether you’re a day girl or a boarder.  The day girl buses get into school in time for breakfast in the morning and leave after dinner and afternoon activities, so the day girls don’t miss out on anything.  Although I am a day girl, I have plenty of friends who are boarders – there is no distinction really, other than the boarders have a bedroom here!

Saoirse, Head Girl