Ballet dancer

Ballet, Modern Dance, Tap and Jazz

In two large, bright studios, dance at Roedean offers pupils a chance to develop dance skills for enjoyment or for a career in dance or the Performing Arts. 

  • 3 girls have achieved Advanced Level 1 in RAD Ballet this year.
  • 2 students have recently danced at The Place, the home of the prestigious London Contemporary Dance Company

The development of Ballet, Modern Dance, Tap and Jazz has helped to broaden the students’ skills and encourages them to explore different styles.  We offer a choice of lessons, from once a week for enjoyment, to several hours per week for those who want to pursue it more seriously or even consider dance as a possible profession.

  • The department has several members of staff, one full-time teacher and the remainder are visiting teachers.  This enables us to offer coaching by two excellent examiners and to employ specialists to teach different genres. 
  • The department is run by the Head of Dance who is a full-time member of staff, allowing the school to have an experienced teacher on site to organise the day-to-day running of the department and to make sure that Dance is represented in all areas of school life.

Dance Trips

Several dance trips to the theatre are organised, as well as overseas trips to help encourage appreciation and stimulate interest – the recent trip to Italy was a huge success and the girls learnt a great deal from the classes they took there.

Dance performance

Extra-curricular and GCSE

Extra-curricular dance offers many different genres of dance at varying levels, ranging from beginner classes up to advanced standard.  All these can be taken in classes but are also offered as private lessons or with two pupils sharing.  Class sizes vary depending on the level, but they are usually small.​

  • GCSE Dance is offered within the activity slot and those who are able and interested work towards taking the examination at the end of two years. 
  • Within GCSE Dance, the students have the opportunity to develop their own choreography, allowing them to express themselves fully through their own creativity.