Students in cooking classThrough voluntary work, or through co-ed sports, dance, music and drama, we must all be active in local society, and part of our local community.


Community Action Programme

All girls in Year 12 take part in the Community Action Programme (CAP), which is a high-quality community service and partnerships' programme.  They have dedicated time for this on Wednesday afternoons, and it is extremely popular with the girls, who wish to contribute to the society in which they live.

  • This year, 75 girls have been undertaking volunteering programmes and community projects, and many have already indicated that they will be continuing with the projects next year when they are in Year 13. 
  • Seven girls volunteered in local charity shops, twenty-five girls joined local primary schools to help with tasks varying from reading schemes to messy clubs, and some girls volunteered at nursing homes. 
  • Other girls work on community projects, such as organising a Flash Conference to bring together people from the area to talk about the future, another group has been organising a series of activity days for under-privileged children, and a third worked with a local football club to organise their Christmas Fair, raising £500 for a disabled sports club. 
  • The work the girls do is wonderful, and the feedback from many placements has been excellent; the girls’ contributions really do make a difference.

The school has developed strong links with the local community through schemes such as the Community Action Programme and the involvement of sixth formers in collaborative work with their peers in a local community school.

ISI Inspection 2016




Roedean has a number of partnerships with schools in the area, and these cement the school's position in the local area, making sure that every girl does not only feel part of the school community but also of the local community.


The largest of the partnership projects is with Ringmer Community College, and there are a number of different strands, all of which are for the mutual benefit of the two schools and draw on the expertise of both.  For example, two groups of Sixth Form students from both schools have been working together on CAP projects this year, Roedean is hosting Ringmer students at its UCAS Day in June, and there is a joint exhibition of A Level Art work in a gallery space in Brighton which is open to the general public.  Not only will these projects benefit the community, but they will also allow students from different educational establishments work together and learn from each other’s experiences.


We also have a partnership with City Academy Whitehawk, where Year 9 girls from Roedean go to the school on a weekly basis to help the primary school children with their reading skills, and there has been very positive feedback about the effect the girls are having on the younger children's aspirations.


Our third partnership is with Deepdene School, and this is focused primarily around sport.  Each week from September, the Deepdene pupils come to Roedean to take advantage of the grounds we have to continue working on their core sports, as well as taking the opportunity to broaden their pupils' experience of sports such as trampolining and basketball, which they might not have had the opportunity to try before.