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A Diverse Range of Activities

At Roedean, a diverse range of activities are open to the girls, in order to ensure that they are challenged and stimulated in their free-time.  They are designed to give the girls the opportunity to try as many new things as they can, in order to discover their talents and passions. 

  • Many of the activities take place immediately after lunch or in the afternoon before the day buses leave, meaning that all girls can enjoy them. 
  • There are also, however, activities which occur in the evenings, and day-girls are welcome to remain at school to take part in these.
  • In addition to those found at many schools, such as Chess Club, music rehearsals, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Young Enterprise, Ecology Club, and academic clinics and extension groups, Roedean offers more unusual activities, such as “Classics – go hard or go Homer”, Leith’s Cookery, scuba-diving, “App Attack”, and kick-boxing. 

We are always encouraging to the girls to suggest clubs which they would like to set up, with the result that the range of activities on offer changes from year to year, depending on the girls’ interests.The school has developed strong links with the local community through schemes such as the Community Action Programme and the involvement of sixth formers in collaborative work with their peers in a local community school.

ISI Inspection 2016



Head, Heart and Hand

In the lower years, girls at Roedean have HHH as part of their timetables.  HHH stands for Head, Heart, Hand, and it is designed to challenge the girls to think beyond what they might ordinarily do and to try out things they might not have come across before:  included in this programme are Russian, Critical Thinking, Sign Language, Self-Defence, Cookery, and Debating.  

  • We believe that the skills HHH begins to foster will prove very useful later in the girls’ education, helping them perhaps to make links between subjects and think in a more connected way.

Pupils full of praise for school’s desire to cater for budding polymaths, from re-scheduling some after-school events, to offering subsidised or free overnight stay to ensure music or sports enthusiasts have the after-school opportunities they need, to new co-curricular programme for pupils in years 7 to 9, which offers two afternoons a week physical and intellectual stretch.   

Good Schools’ Guide 2014