Rapid change and significant progress, based on a clear vision for the future.

ISI Inspection 2016

Founders' Mission

Roedean School was founded in 1885, to provide ‘a thorough physical, intellectual and moral’ education with ‘as much liberty as is consistent with safety’. The founding Lawrence sisters believed that girls deserved an education which was at least as good as boys had.  130 years ago, this challenged perception, and this is exactly what they intended.

Their vision was to prepare girls for a university education and their future careers. The School’s first prospectus outlined six key pillars of Roedean School:

  1. To encourage healthy and active living
  2. To provide a strong academic foundation
  3. To develop an appreciation of sport, culture and the arts
  4. To build independence of thought and character
  5. To develop skills and confidence for university and careers
  6. To develop a strong sense of personal and moral values

This founding vision continues in the School. Roedean provides a distinctively academic, high-quality, all-round education, within a caring and friendly community in a wonderful coastal setting.

We aim to inspire and challenge every student to develop her strengths and passions, to seek the highest academic and personal standards for herself, and to develop a strong foundation for her future.

At Roedean, we seek to enable you to develop lifelong friendships, a strong sense of belonging, and a sense of pride in yourself and your school. 



School's aims

The school is highly successful in achieving its aims.

ISI Inspection 2016