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Head, Heart & Hand

It is key that able students have the chance to stretch themselves in order to maintain their focus and help them to realise their academic potential. 

  • We aim to foster intellectual curiosity early, which is the reasoning behind the HHH programme for the youngest years. 
  • ‘HHH’ stands for Head, which equates to Thinking, Hand for Creativity, and Heart for Service.

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Performance, Debating and Philosophy

For two afternoons each week, the girls in Years 7 and 8 take courses in performance, debating, philosophy, sign language, cookery, current affairs, to name a few.  These courses are designed to make it clear that education is much broader than what is learnt in the classroom and for examinations, and that there is so much more in the world around them that is engaging and fascinating.



Enrichment opportunities exist in all subjects and at all levels at Roedean, ranging from students taking courses at Maths courses at Sussex University and the Senior and Intermediate Maths Challenges, to others undertaking subject-specific projects, and taking part in the national Top of the Bench Chemistry competition. 
In the Sixth Form, there are targeted preparation classes for aspiring medics and those applying for other challenging undergraduate courses.

Each year, several students choose to take an EPQ in addition to their AS subjects in Year 12, allowing them to research a specific topic in detail before writing 5000-6000 words about it.




Scholars' Programme

This year we have launched the Scholars' Programme.  This comprises an eclectic mix of fields and disciplines.  It is designed to challenge, extend, and broaden the intellects of our students.  

  • Part of the programme features weekly discussion lunches with the Headmaster, on subjects which range from Psychoanalysis to Marxism, and well beyond.  We have a programme of events from which every student can benefit.
  • Further treats to come are, among others, fortnightly seminars on critical law, 'The Unravelling of the Versaille Treaty', 'What is poetry?' (featuring Soviet poetry), 'Diaspora Literature', Postmodernist Thought, and The Theory of Knowledge.
  • Among our visiting academics will be prizewinning Cambridge academics, an archaeologist bringing objects and artefacts from the British Museum, and Dr. Peter Vardy (Philosopher). Students will also be given further reading material in the form of reading lists and related apps.

Sixth Form scholars

Scholars' Lunches

There are also weekly Scholars’ lunches, which are open to all, giving individuals the chance to make a presentation about their academic interests and then justifying their views in the face of the audience’s questions. 

  • Each term, ‘intellectual suppers’, held jointly with students from Lancing College, provide the chance to listen to an academic speaker and then engage in critical discourse over dinner.


The Sixth Form enjoy a weekly lecture programme, which covers both academic and topical issues, along with PHSE topics, and careers guidance and university preparation. 

  • Recent topics include the consequences of a gambling addiction, the Korean War in the 50s, and talks from a veteran of the conflict in Afghanistan who had a double amputation following a helicopter crash and a woman who has lived with HIV for over 20 years.