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The School

Roedean commands a stunning position on the cliff to the east of Brighton, looking out over the English Channel.  It is an independent day and boarding school for girls aged 11 to 18.  When the weather is fine, with the sun glistening on the sea, there is no doubt that the school has one of the most beautiful aspects in the country, and the girls appreciate the unique nature of the school, where they can develop and thrive in its glorious grounds and setting.  There can be few schools where the students play sport with such an impressive backdrop, and where the sun can be seen glistening on the sea from classrooms, girls’ bedrooms, and the dining room.  However, even when the weather is more interesting, there is something magical about Roedean’s location, and the girls often talk about the beauty of rain and clouds.


Roedean's façade

Roedean's Founders

In 1885, the Lawrence sisters founded the school, believing that girls were deserving of an education which was at least as good as that available for boys.  The view of girls’ education was very different 130 years ago, and the sisters were determined to challenge this, so they built a school to challenge perception and to buck the trend.  It was our Victorian founders who put us in this grand old building, and they were keen to make a clear statement about the value of education for girls.  We remain as committed to these ideals today, and are proud to be the original girls' school.

The Founders

High Achievement

At Roedean, the girls achieve exceptionally high results in public examinations, but the school is not driven by the pursuit of top grades alone.  Our aim is to nurture the girls’ talents and curiosity, and to develop young women with multi-faceted interests and skills, allowing every individual to grow up at her own pace.  Indeed, Roedean provides girls with an all-embracing education which goes far beyond excellent academic results.  In modern society, we know that producing students with a string of A* grades but no experiences or interpersonal skills is doing them a disservice.  We believe strongly that a holistic approach to education is the best preparation for later life, giving our girls the skills of independence to manage their lives and studies at university, the communication tools necessary to play an active and confident role in society, and the resilience to make their way in our increasingly competitive world.

Students jumping in front of SchoolDeveloping Talents

The girls at Roedean are encouraged to push themselves to develop personally, as well as questioning what they learn and do.  By developing their talents and honing their skills during their time at school, we aim to prepare girls for life in the twenty-first century, where they can make a difference; Roedean girls will be the leaders of the future.  Girls at Roedean are determined to do it all, and excellently.  They understand that challenge leads to success, and they relish it.

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Girls all - unconsciously - smile when asked about life at school. Endorsement doesn’t come much more authentic.

Good Schools’ Guide 2014

Drawing Room, House 3

A lesson in design – using bold colour and cool British designers, Roedean has redefined boarding school for the 21st century. 

Sunday Times Style Magazine, 15 February 2015