Our aim at Roedean is to nurture your talents, to spark your curiosity, to develop your skills, and to let your imagination run riot.  That is because education is about so much more than just examination results – this is at the foundation of our holistic approach.  

Roedean girls here do achieve exceptionally high grades in public examinations, but they are not driven by this – instead, you will be able to pursue your passions, challenge yourself to do new things, and make some mistakes.  This is precisely what will allow you to develop into a confident young woman with multi-faceted interests and skills, free from external pressures and expectations.

Students playing trumpet

Roedean’s stunning position on the cliff to the east of Brighton is inspirational – with the sea in front, and the national park behind, you will fall in love with the amazing grounds.  They provide a sense a breathing space and calmness, where you can do some exercise, help out with the sheep and chickens on the Farm, or just sit and think.

A rounded education is the best preparation we can provide for you, because we know that producing students with a string of A* grades but no experiences or interpersonal skills is doing them a disservice.  We believe strongly that a holistic approach to education will give you the skills of independence to manage your life and studies at university, the communication tools necessary to play an active and confident role in society, and the resilience to make your way in our increasingly competitive world.

Girls all - unconsciously - smile when asked about life at school. Endorsement doesn’t come much more authentic.

Good Schools’ Guide 2014